Private Somatic Sessions

Hanna Somatics® is a revolutionary approach to pain-management and personal/equine development, by tapping into the power of your (or your horse's) brain to reverse and prevent chronic tension, poor posture and skewed body awareness at the ROOT, to quickly and naturally solve misunderstood trauma, compensation or 'muscle-memory' issues by working with a natural reflex called Pandiculation.

What to Expect

HUMAN Hanna Somatics sessions are done fully-clothed, lying on the floor or bed, seated or sometimes standing. You will be in charge of moving your own body and staying within your comfortable range-of-motion.

EQUINE Hanna Somatics is done with the horse at the halt wearing a halter and lead rope, on level dry footing.

We'll begin by talking about your goals for the session and how the brain is involved in controlling your muscles and movement. Then I'll do a brief posture assessment, explain how to get the maximum benefits from Somatic Exercises, and then I'll guide you through a session custom tailored to YOU or YOUR HORSE.

How Many Sessions?

My goal is to teach you what you need to know so you can continue the basic somatic work on your own!

For most people, this takes 1-3 private sessions...

After your first session, you may choose to schedule another 1-1, or enroll in my pre-recorded online intro course where I teach you to do a full-body session of self-somatic movement.

For horses, I suggest you start with our intro EHS Instructional video (get it here) to learn how to guide any horse through a basic full-body EHS session - and schedule a Zoom session follow-up, check your technique and answer any questions.

"Less is More"

This is the easiest 'workout' you will ever do, because we are not just training your body, but working with the part of your nervous system that actually controls your muscles...

Please do all somatic movements comfortably, slowly, and without pain or force.

Please consult appropriate medical, health or veterinary care providers if you have any concerns about whether the movements are suitable for you or your horse, especially if you/they are dealing with an illness or injury, are pregnant, or have other health, balance or mobility issues.

"In one session this technique allowed me to mentally connect to parts of my body that have felt “turned off” for the last 8 years. I’ve gone to various health professionals and nobody has spoken to my reflexes or nervous system in the capacity Alissa has. Her knowledge of our physiology and delivery of said knowledge leaves you feeling empowered and with tools. A new paradigm of feeling and connecting to the body is here. Grateful for her work and what it’s done to allow me to reconnect with my physical body."



Hi, my name is Alissa Mayer, I’m your new Somatic Educator!

The mind and body are NOT separate, and I'm going to teach you how to take back control of your neuro-muscular system using revolutionary Hanna Somatic Exercises. Finally get free from the stiffness, pain, compensations & disconnection that are keeping you or your horse from feeling great and living your wildest dreams!

About Me

Equestrian, coffee-lover, twin-mama, neuroscience nerd, somatic educator, serial horse-rescuer and wannabe homesteader... In an alternate reality you'd find me running a vegan cafe, designing functional fashion or teaching dance, but in this one you'll find me at the barn with my hands on a horse or teaching online between homeschooling my kiddos and geeking-out on physiology!






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The Future of Equine 'Bodywork' is Equine Hanna Somatics!

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