WARNING: We've re-invented teaching Feel into what it SHOULD be.

Be prepared to let go of your old notions of what 'working with horses' looks like.


Grow your Feel with Neuroscience

The most comprehensive program that taps into the power of your nervous system to build a pain-free body, create deeper horse-human connections, and consistently grow your Feel.

The FEEL-Embodied™ System is the only equestrian coaching program of its kind.

A place where equine professionals who are sick of burning themselves out in service to the Horse can finally get the support you deserve, using strategies that don't require you to give up your dreams or push through pain to do what you love...

You are a high value horse professional who wants to create more impact and soundness for your clients or horses.

I see clinicians and ads all the time telling you how to get...

❧ To the 'root cause' of ____________

❧ Horses to trust you

❧ Fast and lasting results

I also have over 50+ members who...

❧ Tried various methods

❧ Paid for programs or got certified

❧ Got personal coaching or mentoring

...from all the big names making big promises.

But those big names didn't get you big results.


When your Body-Awareness is off... NONE of the bodywork, body-language, connection-building or 'nervous system regulation' strategies WORK consistently.

When you are trying to help a prey animal who is operating on survival instincts, physical compensations for chronic pain and usually a dose of learned helplessness, their ability to connect or even 'hear you' is compromised because their nervous system is on high alert AND in partial shut-down at the same time - and so is yours!

We must be able to offer horses what they need, without getting in our own way.

Here's how you know your body-awareness is off?...

1. You think you're doing exactly what your teacher/mentor does, but it doesn't always work

2. When you DO get results... you don't know how long they are going to last or how to explain them to clients

3. You know WHAT you're supposed to, but not HOW to get your energy or body-language to align with your ❤️ & Intention - consistently.

4. You have to put effort into getting horses to connect, instead of them automatically finding you

5. You have a ton of passion for the horse, but aren't always sure how they feel about you

I could probably write 20 more, but the REALLY BIG way you know your body-awareness is off...

👉 YOU'RE PUSHING THROUGH PAIN, STIFFNESS or SORENESS DAILY just to keep working with horses!!!

It doesn't have to be this way, and the pain is blocking your natural ability to FEEL and CONNECT... (and shortening your career)

Welcome to the

FEEL-Embodied™ Academy

A completely different way to build connection, get yourself out of pain and grow your Feel so you can get consistently mind-blowing results with horses without sacrificing your health or well-being.

Finally learn the HOW, not just the WHAT... of the essential Feel-development skills that no one is teaching us in horsemanship, bodywork or horse development programs.

Specifically designed for the horse professional that wants to EMBODY the carrot, and not rely on the stick.

If you want your body-awareness to work, you need to use the FEEL-Embodied™ System.

I bet you're great at what you do. And I wish that being a passionate person who does good work with horses was all it took to build mastery and a sustainable equine career.

Luckily, I've spent years perfecting a way to grow your Feel rapidly while also giving your body what it needs to feel amazing and keep performing for you as you age and life happens to you.

The FEEL-Embodied™ System includes 3 kinds of body-awareness activation that all work together.

Internal Body Awareness (SOMATIC):

Reverses Motor-Sensory Amnesia, dissolves tension and pain, activates the Feel-center of your brain and updates your mind-map.

External Body Awareness (SPATIAL):

Creates a tangible sensory experience of where you are in space, setting and sensing invisible boundaries and is how you 'feel of and for' horses.

Energetic Body Awareness (HEART/EMF):

Gets you in control of your Intention, how you consciously project and shape your personal energy to communicate effectively.

We not only bring you through the exact way to activate and grow your feel, we show you the most important part...


Success is embedded in your Central Nervous System.

Our lessons not only help you get your body-awareness dialed in with somatics, I'll also show you a very specific system of applying this to your horses to build more connection (and trust) while you work on your Feel.

A proven system, unique group coaching, nervous system activation, and a family style community. All combined to get you maximum results!

The FEEL-Embodied™ System


I have spent the last 13 years perfecting a proven brain-body activation and Somatic Approach to Horsemanship system that is designed to guide you through the self-care, mindset-shift, and hands-on implementation of everything you need to finally grow your Feel (and your results with horses) using proven neuroscience.

When you join you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the FEEL-Embodied™️ portal and all it's updates, so you always have the training and support you need to continue to grow your Feel, take care of your body and elevate your horsemanship, right at your fingertips.

High-Impact Micro-Coaching

We know that weekly group calls don't work (especially for horse professionals). You need to get specific feedback on behavior, body issues, and co-regulating and waiting a whole week for 5 minutes of support just won't cut it.

Our micro-coaching system allows us to get you VERY SPECIFIC FEEDBACK as you need it, no matter your schedule.

And it's not just high level coaching, we are talking about foundation exercises, visualization, basic neuroscience, recognizing the little moments of connection, mysterious lameness questions, developing your eye, talking to clients, hoof handling, and so much more.... personally reviewed by me.

And our micro-coaching systems means I can help you adjust until it's working. Now that's support!

Revolutionary Somatic Movement

Too many horse professionals, equine bodyworkers and DVMs are retiring early or pushing through pain to get the job done...

Working with horses doesn't have to wear out your body, and Somatics is the solution to making your horse business pain-free and sustainable!

AT THE SAME TIME you'll naturally activate your 'energy' and grow the exact part of your brain in charge of developing Feel with the SAME somatic exercises that reverse and prevent your muscle tension, poor posture and back-pain, so you can work or ride at your best!

We do Somatics in the courses, with your horse, and also in our monthly group coaching calls that combine a custom movement class with a vibrant q&a sesh.

This way you'll refine and go deeper into the course content over time, and keep learning new exercises not already in the recorded lessons...

Family-Style Community

Just because a program has a Facebook Group for its members doesn't mean it's a community.

I take community connections very seriously, both horse and human - (it's one of the Five Agreements I'll teach you to make with all horses in your embodied foundation training!)

Not only do we prompt you within the content on what to post to get feedback, we also have a family culture where you not only get support, but long lasting connections and friendships.

And most importantly, we create a safe space where you feel comfortable sharing when you get stuck. This is SO IMPORTANT to your success.

You will always be seen and will never fall through the cracks. That's a promise.

"I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying and benefiting from your PTP course - I didn't realize how much unconscious tension I was holding until I began to let it go, and it's such a lovely feeling. I'm only on week 3, and I feel fantastic! Now I know why the horses look so relaxed and yawn their heads off after we do EHS sessions!"

- Kathy Adams (Equine Bodyworker)

"I can finally feel when my energy is up or down, and I can be so much more subtle with my aids, it's like my horse is reading my mind all the time now, not just on those rare magical days!"

- Sarah P. (Dressage Rider)

We guide you through four growth pillars that will make you so masterfully present that horses will be magnetized to you, and when they do you'll have a Feel and ability to communicate that transcends disciplines, training styles and geographical borders, and saves you time.




Everything you do with horses is affected by what you feel and how you move.

The problem is that we are all carrying around a lifetimes accumulation of tension and trauma that blocks Feel and causes pain...

...and everyone is still teaching old school body-focused exercises that don't help you create the brain-body awareness that matters.

We have a unique system that will ensure your Body-Mind Map is current, so you never have to wonder if your body is saying what you mean ever again!




Growing your connection is really hard if the horse doesn't even know you exist.

The problem is that everyone is telling you to get your horses attention ALL THE TIME (2 eyes, 2 ears) or to spend hours and hours of 'undemanding' time hoping horses will become present.

Instead of teaching you how to ACTIVELY OFFER the kind of connection horses need.

We utilize engaging connection strategies, simple exercises and an intuitive self-rewarding system to create trust and get you more deeply connected.

Your NEW

Communication Model

Everything you do with horses involves energy, intention and body-language.

It's not enough to just be seen, followed or obeyed. You need to be understood if you want your partnership to grow.

Once your body-awareness is dialed in you'll learn a NEW non-verbal 'sentence structure' that makes inviting conversations and growing your relationship WAY easier.

And your new approach to connection ensures horses keep coming back WITHOUT you having to ask or 'make' it happen!


Embodiment System

Without the right embodiment systems, progress becomes a LOT harder (and slower!)

If you want to be masterful with horses, then you have to build trust in layers.

Trust in your body. Trust from horses. Trust from clients.

Our clear and consistent Feel-Embodied system builds trust every step of the way by keeping you present and pain-free.

That means you save a ton of time - while your embodied approach automatically builds trust and gets lasting results happening fast...

So you get to spend time doing what you love.

"I came to Alissa’s wanting a deeper connection with my horse Jo - all of my methods and techniques that I had learned and used on many horses were not working with her... She would just blow through my aids or get nervous. But once I got to Alissa’s, the first exercise she had me do flipped everything upside down. Suddenly, Jo was interested in me and willing to go where I go and do what I ask. I found that Alissa’s approach to horses is very different from other “horsemanship” methods out there because you are seeking a connection and the connection becomes the reward. After a few weeks Jo and I were on the same page, she was connected to my thoughts, very relaxed and her posture even started to improve. I am so thankful for Alissa’s help with my mare and I feel that I have a new approach to horsemanship that will be successful with so many other horses."

- Ruby Moskow (Horse Professional)

Is the FEEL-Embodied™ Academy right for you?

The perfect FEEL-Embodied™ Academy member is a horsewoman (or man)

who is dedicated to improving the well-being of horses and elevating our industry. You are passionate about what you do and care about making an impact with your horses and clients.

(and often wish that you didn't have to worry about running out of energy or pushing through your pain to get results and do right by the horse).


If you've built an in-person practice and have been trying to stand out in your area.


If you are burnt out by your career and need to make a shift to create more impact and job sustainability.


If you've gotten great results with horses at times and want to experience them every single day!

Here are what a few of our members do

🐴 Masterson Method Practitioner

🐴 Equine Massage Therapist

🐴 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

🐴 Equine Hanna Somatics Educator

🐴 Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor

🐴 Equine Cranio-Sacral Practitioner

🐴 TBT Method Practitioner

🐴 Equinology Bodyworker

🐴 Animal Communicator

🐴 Pilates Instructor

🐴 Certified Animal Nutritionist

🐴 Equine Wellness Advocate

🐴 Horse/Llama Breeder

🐴 Farrier

🐴 Parelli Professional

🐴 Barefoot Hoof Trimmer

🐴 Horse Owner

🐴 Personal Trainer

🐴 Barn Manager

🐴 Dressage Trainer

🐴 Riding Instructor

🐴 and so many more!

What if I already have bodywork clients, a trainer, I've committed to a horsemanship program or maybe even teach students myself...

and they just aren't progressing the way I want?

If you already have a horse business or discipline you're immersed in, you can improve things without compromising your style. This program is not meant to replace what you are already doing, but to enhance it. Usually, it's not your techniques that are the problem; it's your body-awareness. So be prepared to make our recommended tweaks so we can get your Feel, Body and Energy working better.

What if I haven't started my business, gotten any certifications, or had many paying clients yet?

That's ok. The FEEL-Embodied™ system is EVERYTHING you need to activate, build, improve, and sustain your most important equestrian business tools (your body, brain, bubble, energy, health and more). We have all the instructions and practices you need to re-build your foundation with the Feel of a master so you can become the most in-demand trainer or practitioner in your area. And our micro-coaching and 1-on-1 hot seats will ensure you build the right things in the right way, for the most profound results.

If you ever feel stuck because you know WHAT you're supposed to do with horses, but you aren't always sure HOW to get your energy and stubborn or achey body to align with your intention, these are the foundation skills, mindset and approach that will help you do both.

If you find yourself saying...

"I wish it was easier to describe exactly what I want my students/horse to do"

"I can't easily adjust my energy or intention "

"I have no idea which exercises to do first to quickly get me more connected to my horse"

"I feel like my body language is messy and is confusing my horse"

"Getting more people to schedule sessions/bodywork with me feels hard"

"I don't want to use escalating pressure or rely on treats to communicate with horses"

"I've tried what the big names suggest and it doesn't always work for me"

"I want a program that will actually care about me"

"I'd like a program that embodies the principles of Trauma Informed Care"

"I don't just want DIY training, I want my personal technique reviewed"

"I know I overthink things. I need decision support to keep me moving forward"

Then the FEEL-Embodied™ Academy is a perfect fit for you!

You might NOT be a good fit if:

  • You only want to do pressure/release, R+ training or manual therapies and don't want to build a neuroscience-based holistic system to help you get deeper and more lasting results. (This is not a trick question btw, a lot of people only want to do something familiar)

  • You don't want to tweak your approach. We believe in iterative progress to achieve growth and ever-improving lightness - and you will end up refining your body-language and energy regulation more and more along the way. You can still make progress or money while you do the work, but if you want to learn it and leave it and never tweak how you do things with horses or take time to care for your own body, then this isn't a good fit.

  • You aren't passionate about what you are doing. Our feel-development strategy includes helping you map out key personal and industry beliefs that attract your ideal client (and connect you more deeply with horses). If you aren't passionate about why you are doing what you do, then some of our strategies won't be fun for you.

  • You are looking for a quick fix to win ribbons or make money fast. It's not that you can't get fast results and impress clients (and horses) quickly from FEEL-Embodied, it's that we want members who are looking to build sound horses and sustainable horse businesses and are willing to put in the effort to get their body-mind-awareness and offerings right.

  • You want advice on how to 'work on,' treat or diagnose horses or riders. We have a very specific Hanna Somatics movement strategy to help humans and horses reverse the pain and poor posture caused by a condition called Motor Sensory Amnesia - and an approach to horse handling and training that encourages self-carriage and correct equine development, but neither are intended to replace professional medical or veterinary advice. We want you to grow your Feel by activating the power of your and your horses Nervous Systems to function optimally and merge together. (Note: You will see a ton of improvement of various undiagnosed lameness, posture issues or chronic conditions, we just don't want that to be the main goal)

Why trust me when there are a ton of other 'horsemanship' and equestrian coaches out there?

There ARE tons of equestrian coaches and courses out there, and they all (finally!) seem to be talking about the nervous system...

And it's not very realistic to ask you to trust me just from reading this page.

So here are a few things that might help you see that...

I not only have a unique (and proven) strategy that you won't see anywhere else, I also actually care about you & your horse(s).

You won't join the FEEL-Embodied Academy and never see me again.... that's not how I work.

I will get to know you, your brain and how you "do horses" in a deep way... so get ready.

I could tell you all day long that I am authentic and real, that I know what I'm doing, that I care about you, and that you will reach your goals in this program and that you'll feel a difference within 3 days of starting.

And the 25+testimonials we have (and growing) can help give proof...

BUT the best way to see that I am the real deal and if the FEEL-Embodied Academy is the right fit for you is to EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF! (try it for 30 days)

And it's important to know that my brain 🧠 works differently than most...

and that your brain (and body) works differently than you think!

FEEL-Embodied isn't just built around WHAT you need to know, but HOW to get your body and brain to actually DO what you already know or what you're learning!


  • We are all human, and all humans have tension they accumulate over the years. Our tension keeps us from taking good information and putting it into action, causes pain AND blocks our natural ability to Feel.

  • We all wish we could implement ANY strategy, but we literally can't because even when our brains understand what we are supposed to do, we don't have the body-awareness or motor control to execute the correct aids, body language or pressure to accurately communicate our intention to a horse

So when I say the FEEL-Embodied™ Academy was built differently, you can start to understand what I mean, and how important it is to me to create something truly unique.

What do I get when I join the FEEL-Embodied™ Year Long Group Coaching program?

12 months of high impact micro-coaching

Access to a members only Facebook Group Community

Customized monthly Somatic Movement Classes

Lifetime access to the FES Content Portal

Two personal 1-on-1 coaching Zoom calls with Alissa

BONUS Horse-Business Practice-Building & Marketing Content

A full year of monthly group coaching calls

Access to members-only in-person clinics and live workshops

And much, much more!

Why does the FEEL-Embodied™ Academy work so well for horse professionals?

And why am I so passionate about helping horse people?

Because it's the best way I can serve the horses of the world... and when I discover something that helps horses, I can't help but want to share it - especially when I feel like I've found the missing link for teaching the most challenging pieces of the horse+human puzzle...




Inside FEEL-Embodied you'll find courses and lessons on:

Hanna Somatics for Horse Professionals (100X FEEL)

  • Feel & Ride Better in 30 Minutes

  • 3-Day Body-Awareness Accelerator

  • 8-Week Posture Transformation Program

  • Embodiment & Mindfulness Practices

A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™ (ASATH)

  • Mindset Shift - The Five Agreements

  • The Fundamentals of Connection

  • Energy Activation & Your NEW Communication Model

  • Setting Boundaries that Build Connection

  • Exercises for Advancing Horsemanship & Lightness

Applications for Horse Professionals (BUSINESS)

  • Somatic Horse Handling for Bodyworkers, Equine Hanna Somatics Educators & other Equine Professionals

  • Somatic Hoof Handling

  • INTRO to Equine Hanna Somatics(EHS) for creating instant Rapport & Relaxation with any horse, anytime

...and more!


This program is evolving!

As you ask questions, I respond by adding new content to help you or to improve on the courses already inside (I'm a bit of a perfectionist, can you tell?)

So, what's the investment to join?

Only 11 spots left at this price.

Make sure to snag your spot NOW before the price goes up.

With the right tools, you can handle horses with the FEEL of a Master!

Our Guarantee: We have a 30 day guarantee and we promise to ALWAYS treat you like a human being and not just a number.

Got questions? Email me at support@alissamayer.com




for the year

Annual Group Coaching Program

  • 12 months of hi-impact micro-coaching

  • LIFETIME Access to the FES Content Portal

  • A full year of monthly group coaching calls

  • 10 live somatic movement classes

  • Access to the private FBG Community

  • 1-on-1 coaching calls with Alissa

  • Members-only live workshops

Answers before you ask... (FAQ's)

What if I'm an Equine Assisted Therapist, Riding Instructor or Recreational Rider?

This program is for ALL horse professionals and serious students of the Horse that are ready to take their Feel to the next level - but doing the same things that seem to work for everyone else without filling the gaps in your foundation is keeping you stuck. The tools and techniques you will learn in this program are unlike anything else available in the horse industry today, and can be applied to any field or discipline. The neuroscience-basis for activating your Feel is the Missing Link to you living your dreams with horses, not just someday, but starting Tomorrow!

How long is the FEEL-Embodied™ Academy?

Everyone gets lifetime access to the FEEL-Embodied System and portal with all the content and updates. Then you get 12 months of access to the micro-coaching, 1-1 hot seats, group calls, and community.

Is there a guarantee?

If you come in and you know within the first month that it’s not for you, hop on a 15 minute call with Alissa so we can understand why it's not a good fit. We will always treat you like a human and we WANT you to be in a program where you believe you can get results.

Does this program teach me to do Equine Hanna Somatics®(EHS) with horses?

Other than a few introductory EHS exercises, NO. You will hear me recommend Equine Hanna Somatics as my preferred way to help horses become supple, straight and present numerous times inside the program - but to learn how to do EHS you'll need to get the intro instructional video called Equine Hanna Somatics - Session 1 or apply to the EHS Professional Training and Certification Program. Both are available at www.equinehannasomatics.org

I want to join, but I’m not quite ready… what should I do?

We totally understand. Timing is important. Shoot us an email and let us know what you’re thinking as we can talk about next steps from there. support@alissamayer.com

I'm already in a coaching program, but I want your Somatics content?

This happens all the time. You found someone else before us and either wish you would have joined our program first, or you want to use our systems to supplement what you have now.  We totally get it. Get the Hanna Somatics Course Bundle RIGHT HERE!

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