Via Hanna Somatic Education, a

NEW horsemanship model and activating your Electro-Magnetic Field.



Via Hanna Somatic Education, a NEW horsemanship model and activating your Electro-Magnetic Field.

[FREE TRAINING] The 3 Somatic Exercises you need to learn to help your 🐴 horse relax 75+ muscles in just 10 minutes!

[FREE TRAINING] The 3 Somatic Exercises you need to learn to help your horse relax 75+ muscles in just 10 minutes!

Welcome AMAZING horse-lover!

I am so glad you found us because that means you have a burning desire to help the horses of this world... to do something that positively impacts the industry AND also helps you live your best (pain-free) life.

You are in the right place.

Here at FEEL-Embodied, we know all too well the challenges of loving horses and running an equine business at the same time. You need more than just great resources (which we have) you also need a strong support system and a proven way to take care of your body so you can continue serving the Horse (we have that too).

You need a simple approach because horse-life is complex and you should never have to worry about finding connection, whether your horse has good or bad 'posture' or when you'll have to cancel on clients because your own body is failing you.

We want to help you build a successful (and sustainable) approach to horses and your business that's built around YOU walking the talk, not trading your own soundness and well-being to help your clients. You just have to know how (and we are going to show you).

I'll be your host, so let me introduce myself!

Like many horse-obsessed women, I started my horse business to fund (or 'legitimize') my equestrian passions. It wasn't long before I got sick of feeling frustrated about dominance mindsets, students hitting plateau's and SO many lame horses... and I started asking WHY.

When I stumbled upon Hanna Somatics and learned how to help people AND horses unlock the power of their brains to regulate nervous system function and automatically self-correct Posture - suddenly I could see the future.

We all have different goals, disciplines, and ways of working with horses, and we should all value that unique journey. Ultimately, we are horsewomen trying to be good stewards and good partners at the same time. We yearn to pursue what we love, love who we are and how we feel, and to make a difference in the lives of horses..

We have sometimes messy lives that include the joy (and pain) of
owning animals that need us to advocate for them. Our schedule can be
unpredictable and so can our emotions at times (ever been called 'horse-crazy'?) and we should never have to apologize for the life we have chosen.

In fact, we need an approach to horses that doesn't ignore our own needs for connection, health and well-being. No more feeling guilty about spreading yourself too thin, or moving a little bit slower in the beginning to build a sustainable approach to horses that completely hinges on the health of YOUR body and mind.

I believe that there is a specific way to start, grow, and nurture your relationships with horses that ensures your mindset and physiological state don't end up keeping you from enjoying horses or getting the results you're after (and that most of us chase for a lifetime).

I call it the FEEL-Embodied System and I want it to become your favorite place to get resources, community, and guidance to grow your Feel, your horsemanship and your horse business the Somatic way.


(with neuroscience)

The FEEL-Embodied™ Academy is the only equestrian coaching program of its kind. It's the most comprehensive program that taps into the power of both human AND equine nervous systems to build pain-free bodies, create deeper horse-human connections by offering horses more choices, and strategically grow your Feel.

A place where equine professionals and professional horse-lovers (like you) who are sick of burning themselves out in service to the Horse can finally get the support you deserve, using strategies that don't require you to give up your dreams or push through pain to do what you love...

Check out the FEEL-Embodied Academy, and see how I can help get your nervous system working FOR you, your business and your horsemanship!

Looking for something small that gives you BIG results?

Check out my Shop - I have a selection of smaller courses that will give your Feel & Confidence a BIG boost!

Alissa, why do you keep talking about the Nervous System?

Because the Body DOESN'T actually keep the 'Score' - the BRAIN does!

And the brain is the top of the food chain, the literal Control-Center of your Central Nervous System.

You don't really have to understand the Nervous System to train or ride horses...

But you do need to HAVE a functional nervous system to do it well, to 'do horses' year after year without hurting yourself, AND to do it with FEEL.

And the TRUTH is, most of us are NOT 100% FUNCTIONAL. Statistically 80% of us have chronic back pain, (and that number includes all the people who haven't even fallen off a horse yet!) but we keep pushing through...

If you're an Equine Bodyworker, Osteopath, DVM, Farrier, Trimmer, Groom or other industry pro, the MORE YOU KNOW about how the nervous system functions, the MORE EFFECTIVE you will be at helping your clients get results THAT LAST, that DON'T WEAR-OFF, and actually GET BETTER WITH TIME.

But here's the thing:

Even if you are the TOP EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD, and you know EVERYTHING about horses, biomechanics and your trade or craft - you can't help anyone if you are layed up recovering from an injury, exhaustion or your back 'going out' - things that 'never would have happened' if you were younger, fitter, or had better posture... right?

And if you know how to take care of your OWN NEURO-MUSCULAR SYSTEM, you can easily reverse your lifetimes' accumulation of tension, pain and trauma patterns and prevent yourself from becoming 'burned-out' or getting injured - so you can HAVE A LONG AND PAIN-FREE CAREER HELPING HORSES.

YES, you CAN learn to 'bounce' again! The secret is to UN-learn the unconscious muscle bracing that makes you feel stiff and 'old'. Let me show you how. The keys are already inside you, hard-wired into your Nervous System ( 😜 see what I did there?)